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Alioto Legal is dedicated to protecting the rights of small businesses, individuals, consumers, whistleblowers, and others who have been subjected to the oppressive use of power by large entities. We rely on decades of experience in the trial and appellate courts to fight for our clients in antitrust, unfair competition, business disputes and whistleblower cases. Alioto Legal can assist your company in conducting sensitive internal investigations, leveraging experience leading teams of federal agents and lawyers in complex criminal investigations.

Civil Litigation

Practice Areas

Antitrust & Unfair Competition

Alioto Legal litigates cases on behalf of plaintiffs in cases involving price fixing, monopoly, attempted monopoly, refusals to deal, bid rigging, group boycotts, and companies’ refusal to sell to certain customers.


If one of your competitors has sought to disrupt your customer relationships, unfairly undermined your brand, disparaged your service, or stolen your IP or committed fraud, you may have a business tort claim.

Breach of

If you have suffered from doing business with a company that broke its written, implied, or verbal promises, Alioto Legal can help you assess your claims.

Whistleblower Law / False Claims Act

Alioto Legal proudly represents whistleblowers, fights the corporations who audaciously retaliate against whistleblowers, and combats corporate fraud.


We have years of experience in large-scale investigations against some of the nation’s most dangerous criminal organizations. Our team can assist your company with internal investigations of any type.

“My family and I are so grateful to have found Joe. Through his advocacy efforts thus far, he has shown that he operates with a high level of integrity. He is knowledgeable, responsive, and truly genuine in his actions. Thank you Joe, for all you have done.”

Alysia G.

“Joe Alioto is an absolutely fantastic attorney. From the very beginning he has been more than just professional, he is informative yet he is addressing a traumatic situation with compassion. Joe is tenaciously following through with every avenue available for my case. If you want a lawyer that you can confidently feel will actually fight for you, this is your attorney.”

Christy C.

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