KSBY News  |  June 23, 2023

In 2020, 10 year-old Wyland was shot and killed by his father Victor Gomes. Gomes – distraught and seeking to punish his wife for their divorce – killed his son with a gun he bought while under a California domestic violence restraining order that prevented him from purchasing firearms. Alioto is representing Wyland’s mother, Christy Camara, in holding the State of California, the Department of Justice, and the California courts accountable for the negligent acts that allowed Gomes to buy the gun he used to kill Wyland.

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Victor Gomes had a long history of domestic abuse. When Christy Camara filed for divorce from Victor, she was granted sole custody of their 10-year-old son, Wyland. In response to that ruling, Victor threatened to hurt himself and Wyland, resulting in a restraining order against him for both Christy and Wyland.

Christy’s attorney, Joseph M. Alioto Jr, says Victor Gomes then purchased a pistol, something he should not have been allowed to do under the restraining order. Victor ultimately took his life and the life of their 10-year0old son, Wyland. Christy is still haunted by the loss of Wyland.

“How could somebody take a gun and put it to their child’s head and pull the trigger?” Christy asked.

Christy Camara is now suing the California Department of Justice (which denied her requests for details about the gun sale and the background check on Gomes), and Kings County (where her son was murdered).


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